1. Can we get a sample before placing the order?

Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost will be on your account.

2. Can we customize products as our requirements?

Yes, we make the glass vials as your requirements, also, we can provide various treatment: such as screen printing, hot stamping labeling and so on.

3. How long about the delivery time?

For stock products, it is about 5-15 days.
If we do not have inventory, it is about 15-30days to ship according to our material inventory.

4. How about the broken products after receiving them?

We have full responsibility for quality assurance, we will try our best to support your business.

5. What types of glass material are your products made out of?

We can offer Type 1. II. II glass material according to your requirements.
Regarding the type I glass material we have Chinese Local Glass.
(Expansion 50 glass and Expansion 70) and international material (Corning &Schott).

6. How do you control the heavy metals in your glass container?

Content of Heavy metals and Arsenic is considerably below the limit values of USP and EP.