Caps & Closures

  • Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures

    Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures

    Continuous threaded phenolic and urea closures are commonly used types of closures for packaging various products, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. These closures are known for their durability, chemical resistance, and ability to provide tight sealing to maintain the freshness and integrity of the product.

  • Disposable Culture Tube Borosilicate Glass

    Disposable Culture Tube Borosilicate Glass

    Disposable borosilicate glass culture tubes are disposable laboratory test tubes made of high-quality borosilicate glass. These tubes are commonly used in scientific research, medical laboratories, and industrial settings for tasks such as cell culture, sample storage, and chemical reactions. The use of borosilicate glass ensures high thermal resistance and chemical stability, making the tube suitable for a wide range of applications. After use, test tubes are typically discarded to prevent contamination and ensure the accuracy of future experiments.

  • Mister Caps/Spray Bottles

    Mister Caps/Spray Bottles

    Mister caps are a common spray bottle cap commonly used on perfume and cosmetic bottles. It adopts advanced spray technology, which can evenly spray liquids on the skin or clothing, providing a more convenient, lightweight, and accurate way of use. This design allows users to more easily enjoy the fragrance and effects of cosmetics and perfumes.

  • Flip off & Tear off Seals

    Flip off & Tear off Seals

    Flip Off Caps are a type of sealing cap commonly used in the packaging of drugs and medical supplies. Its characteristic is that the top of the cover is equipped with a metal cover plate that can be flipped open. Tear Off Caps are sealing caps commonly used in liquid pharmaceuticals and disposable products. This type of cover has a pre cut section, and users only need to gently pull or tear this area to open the cover, making it easy to access the product.

  • Essential Oil Orifice Reducers for Glass Bottles

    Essential Oil Orifice Reducers for Glass Bottles

    Orifice reducers is a device used to regulate liquid flow, usually used in spray heads of perfume bottles or other liquid containers. These devices are usually made of plastic or rubber and can be inserted into the opening of the spray head, thus reducing the opening diameter to limit the speed and amount of liquid flowing out. This design helps to control the amount of product used, prevent excessive waste, and can also provide a more accurate and uniform spray effect. Users can choose the appropriate origin reducer according to their own needs to achieve the desired liquid spraying effect, ensuring the effective and long-lasting use of the product.

  • Polypropylene Screw Cap Covers

    Polypropylene Screw Cap Covers

    Polypropylene (PP) screw caps are a reliable and versatile sealing device designed specifically for various packaging applications. Made of durable polypropylene material, these covers provide a sturdy and chemically resistant seal, ensuring the integrity of your liquid or chemical.

  • Pump Caps Covers

    Pump Caps Covers

    Pump cap is a common packaging design commonly used in cosmetics, personal care products, and cleaning products. They are equipped with a pump head mechanism that can be pressed to facilitate the user to release the right amount of liquid or lotion. The pump head cover is both convenient and hygienic, and can effectively prevent waste and pollution, making it the first choice for packaging many liquid products.

  • Septa/plugs/corks/stoppers


    As an important component of packaging design, it plays a role in protection, convenient use, and aesthetics. The design of Septa/plugs/corks/stoppers multiple aspects, from material, shape, size to packaging, to meet the needs and user experience of different products. Through clever design, Septa/plugs/corks/stoppers not only meets the functional requirements of the product, but also enhances the user experience, becoming an important element that cannot be ignored in packaging design.

  • Glass Plastic Dropper Bottle Caps for Essential Oil

    Glass Plastic Dropper Bottle Caps for Essential Oil

    Dropper caps are a common container cover commonly used for liquid drugs or cosmetics. Their design allows users to easily drip or extrude liquids. This design helps to accurately control the distribution of liquids, especially for situations that require precise measurement. Dropper caps are typically made of plastic or glass and have reliable sealing properties to ensure that liquids do not spill or leak.

  • Brush & Dauber Caps

    Brush & Dauber Caps

    Brush&Dauber Caps is an innovative bottle cap that integrates the functions of brush and swab and is widely used in nail polish and other products. Its unique design allows users to easily apply and fine tune. The brush part is suitable for uniform application, while the swab part can be used for fine detail processing. This multifunctional design provides both flexibility and simplifies the beauty process, making it a practical tool in nail and other application products.