Flat Shoulder Glass Bottles

Flat shoulder glass bottles are a sleek and stylish packaging option for a variety of products, such as perfumes, essential oils, and serums. The flat design of the shoulder provides a contemporary look and feel, making these bottles a popular choice for cosmetics and beauty products.

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The flat shoulder design not only gives the bottle a unique appearance, in sharp contrast to traditional round shoulder bottles, but also provides better stability when placing the bottle. This helps to make these bottles easier to stack and store, and also prevents accidental tilting of glass bottles on shelves or during use. This is particularly important in the production and transportation process, helping to maximize space utilization and reduce costs.

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Product Features:

1. Material: Made of high-quality glass material, ensuring the high transparency and durability of the glass bottle.
2. Shape: The most prominent feature is the flat shoulder design.
3. Size: Various sizes to choose from to meet the needs of different samples.
4. Packaging: Using exquisite yet safe, shockproof and impact resistant cardboard boxes for packaging, the packaging design includes special labels and other decorative elements.

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Our flat shoulder glass bottles are made of high-quality glass as raw material, ensuring transparency while maintaining excellent chemical stability, ensuring that the samples remain pure and free from contamination inside the glass bottles.

Adopting advanced glass forming technology, the material is heated and injected into the mold to form a unique bottle body with flat shoulders. After the molding process, the glass bottle undergoes a precise cooling and curing process to ensure its strength and hardness.

Flat shoulder glass bottles can meet various needs and are widely used in various industries, such as high-end cosmetics packaging, home cleaning, food, etc., providing fashionable and practical packaging choices for various industries.

In the process of producing glass bottles, we conduct strict quality inspections on the products: ensuring that the surface of the bottle body is smooth, flawless, and free from bubbles or damage; Accurately measure the size and capacity to ensure that each bottle meets the specification requirements; Test the strength and compression resistance of the bottle to ensure that the flat shoulder glass bottles have sufficient resistance to falling.

Our flat shoulder glass bottles adopt professional packaging design during the packaging process, using shock-absorbing materials and customized packaging solutions to prevent product damage and ensure product integrity during transportation.

We have a professional technical support team to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, including assisting in solving usage and maintenance problems, providing customized packaging solutions tailored to their personalized needs. Adopting flexible payment settlement methods and providing detailed financial reports to ensure smooth transactions between both parties while ensuring transparency in payment settlement. Similarly, we attach great importance to customer feedback and continuously improve product design and services.

Through detailed control of all aspects of flat shoulder glass bottles, we ensure comprehensive quality and service assurance from production to after-sales, in order to meet customer expectations for high-quality packaging.

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