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Brush&Dauber Caps is an innovative bottle cap that integrates the functions of brush and swab and is widely used in nail polish and other products. Its unique design allows users to easily apply and fine tune. The brush part is suitable for uniform application, while the swab part can be used for fine detail processing. This multifunctional design provides both flexibility and simplifies the beauty process, making it a practical tool in nail and other application products.

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The brush head design of Brush&Dauber Caps integrates multiple features to provide an excellent application experience. Firstly, the brush head uses high-quality bristles to ensure a perfect balance between softness and elasticity. This makes the application process more comfortable and allows for easy adaptation to different nail shapes.

Secondly, the shape of the brush head is carefully designed to maintain the width of the bristles, making the application more rapid, while also emphasizing the tip of the bristles, making it convenient for meticulous painting and decoration work. This design has extremely high flexibility, allowing users to easily cope with various nail art needs, from simple base color application to complex artistic painting.

In addition, the grip of the brush head is comfortable, allowing users to accurately control the force and direction of application, creating an ideal nail enhancement effect. This comprehensive design that considers user experience makes Brush&Dauber Caps brush heads stand out in the market, becoming a beloved choice for beauty enthusiasts and professional nail technicians. Not only convenient and practical, but also able to showcase personalized nail design, making every application a pleasure.

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Product Features:

1. Material: Brush&Dauber Caps typically use high-quality plastic materials, with nylon bristles or synthetic fiber bristles chosen for the brush head or swab.

2. Shape: When the lid collides, it is usually cylindrical; And the shape of the bristles is circular or flat bristles.

3. Size: There are wide bristles and slender bristles for brushes.

4. Packaging: Using simple and practical cardboard box packaging, the packaging may include shock-absorbing and anti drop materials and leak design.

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The production materials of brush&dauber caps mainly include high-quality plastic materials, which are used to manufacture bottle caps; High quality nylon bristles or synthetic fiber bristles are used to manufacture brushes and swab parts. All production materials comply with relevant safety and environmental standards to ensure product quality.

The process of producing brush&dauber caps includes injection molding of bottle caps, shaping and fixing of brush bristles, as well as assembly of bottle caps and brush heads. In all production processes, we ensure that every step meets design requirements through strict quality control to ensure high-quality product output. Our quality inspection process is distributed in every production stage, including appearance inspection, bristle elasticity test, bottle cap sealing test, etc., to ensure that each brush&Dauber cap meets high standards of quality requirements.

Brush&Dauber Caps are suitable for various usage scenarios, including nail salons, personal home manicures, artistic creations, and more. Its multifunctional design allows it to function in various situations such as application, wiping, and fine finishing.

The product is packaged and transported in environmentally friendly and practical cardboard boxes, which contain effective materials for shock absorption and impact resistance, protecting the product from damage during transportation.

The company provides comprehensive after-sales service, including a return and exchange policy for product quality issues, as well as quick response to customer inquiries and feedback. Customers can contact the after-sales service team through various channels to ensure sufficient support during the purchase and use process.

Our payment settlement with customers usually adopts the method specified in the contract, which can be prepayment, cash on delivery, or other agreed upon payment methods. This ensures transparency and fairness in transactions. Encourage customers to provide feedback to understand the actual usage of the product and provide improvement suggestions. Actively listening to customer feedback helps to continuously improve product quality and performance to meet market demand.

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