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Mister caps are a common spray bottle cap commonly used on perfume and cosmetic bottles. It adopts advanced spray technology, which can evenly spray liquids on the skin or clothing, providing a more convenient, lightweight, and accurate way of use. This design allows users to more easily enjoy the fragrance and effects of cosmetics and perfumes.

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The mister cap is a device suitable for liquid spraying, which is usually composed of spray ports, pumps, nozzles and other components. Its characteristics include fine spray, uniform spray, wide spray range, adjustable spray amount, simple operation, and suitable for various liquids such as detergent, cosmetics, etc. At the same time, the spray head is also leak proof, corrosion resistant, and in line with health standards. It is suitable for household cleaning, gardening spraying, cosmetics spray and other occasions. 

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2ml glass vial  (10)
2ml glass spray vial

Product Features:

1. Material: Usually made of durable materials such as plastic and metal.

2. Shape: straight through, curved, rotating, etc.

3. Size: You can choose the appropriate size based on the diameter of different containers.

4. Packaging: Usually packaged separately or together with liquid containers to meet user needs.

Spray Bottles

As a precise liquid spraying device, the mister cap has many unique characteristics, which makes it widely used in various application scenarios.

The raw materials of mister caps we produce are mostly high-quality plastics (such as polypropylene, polyethylene) or metals (such as aluminum carbide). The selection of these raw materials depends on the use, characteristics, and environmental adaptability of the product. The production process of manufacturing mister cap includes injection molding, metal processing, spraying coating, assembly and other links. We carry out strict quality control and production process management on each product to ensure that each mister cap meets the specifications and standards.

One of the characteristics of the mister cap is its precision spray control capability. Through precision designed spray holes. Whether it is agricultural spraying, plant spraying irrigation or medical spray, the mister cap can provide accurate liquid control to meet the needs of different applications.

The mister cap has diversified spray modes. According to specific application requirements, mister caps can provide spray with different shapes and sizes, such as conical, fan-shaped, round, and micro mister caps. This diversified spray mode enables the mister cap to play a role in various scenes, so as to better adapt to different use environments and needs.

The mister cap produced by us has excellent durability and chemical stability. Made of high-quality materials, the spray head has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, can maintain a stable spray effect in long-term use, and is not easily affected by the external environment. At the same time, some mister caps are also equipped with a drip proof design to ensure that no drip will occur after use, and keep the bottle body, mister cap and the external environment clean.

Our mister caps are professionally packed and cleaned before leaving the factory to prevent the products from being dirty or damaged. Use appropriate packaging materials and allocate assembly structures reasonably to ensure that the product is delivered to customers intact and undamaged.

We provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, respond quickly to their questions, and ensure that they have the best experience in using our products.

Establish an open and transparent payment settlement system with customers, including various payment methods such as online payment and letter of credit payment, to ensure the safe conduct of transactions and safeguard the interests of both parties. Timely follow up on customer feedback, collect user suggestions, continuously improve product design and production processes, and enhance the market competitiveness of our products.

With its precise spray control capability, diversified spray modes, durability and stability, the mister cap has become an indispensable device in various liquid spraying, spraying and spraying applications, providing users with efficient and convenient liquid treatment solutions.

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